Planning A Funeral Is A Privilege

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Meaningful funerals are rites of passage that help us move from life before a death to life after a death. They help families and friends support one another, embrace their feelings and embark on the journey to transcendence.

- Alan D. Wolfelt
Ph.D. Director, Centre for Loss and Life Transition

Planning A Funeral Is A Privilege

As you consider the funeral, try to remember that planning the funeral of someone you love is not a burden, but a privilege.

Think of the funeral as a gift to the person who died.

It is your chance to think about and express the value of the life that was lived.

Your Need To Mourn

You should not deny your need to mourn and to embrace painful feelings of grief in the coming days and months.

You may feel deep sadness as you plan the funeral and begin to acknowledge the reality of the death.

But when all is said and done, you will also feel deep satisfaction that you have helped plan a meaningful tribute to someone who has meant a lot to you.

How A Funeral Director Can Help

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The Power Of Ceremony & Ritual

Planning and attending a meaningful funeral can have a lasting and profoundly important impact on your life.

You should feel encouraged to tap into the power of ceremony on your journey through grief.

The funeral ceremony:

  • Helps us acknowledge that someone we love has died.
  • Fosters our memories of the person who died and encourages us to share those memories with others.
  • Offers a time and place for us to talk about the life and death of the person who died.
  • Provides a social support system for us and other friends and family members.
  • Allows us to search for the meaning of life and death.
  • Offers continuity and hope for the living.

Source: Dr Alan Wolfelt

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